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Is Chris Woodward name number 5?

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers-Media Day Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Its been well documented that the Jays are allegedly now down to 5 finalists for the job as manager. Astros bench coach Joe Espada, Rays field coordinator Rocco Baldelli, Cubs bench coach Brandon Hyde, and Rays Bench coach Charlie Montoyo have all been interviewed.

Giants director of player development David Bell was a front runner too but he is now in his dream job of being Reds manager.

So we are seemingly back to 4 and it begs the question who is name number 5? (if there are still 5?)

I still have an angry, suspicious feeling its Eric Wedge....but maybe its actually Chris Woodward?

Some info that has surfaced here in good ole New Zealand caught my eagle eye today.

The Auckland Tuatara are the new expansion team in the fledgling Australia Baseball League News today suggested that they.could lose one of the most significant figures in their inaugural campaign before they even play their first game.

DJ Carrasco is the Tuatara’s pitching coach and was also expected to return to the mound for the forthcoming season. Carrasco pitched for the Royals, White Sox, Pirates, Diamondbacks and Mets in the MLB.

(And this is where my interest grew)

However, Carrasco could leave the Tuatara before the team plays their first game to join the Blue Jays coaching staff.

Woodward (who is still officially the manager of the Diamondblacks, the national NZ baseball team), is currently third base coach with the LA Dodgers. He is now tipped to replace John Gibbons as Blue Jays manager.

If he does go to the Blue Jays, its likely that Carrasco will go with him as Woodward is a keen admirer of what Carrasco has to offer.

But it may not be Toronto where Woodward and subsequently Carrasco end up.

Local media in Dallas have reported that the Texas Rangers are willing to wait until after the World Series finishes to interview Woodward as their replacement for Jeff Bannister.

Who knows what will happen in search for a new manager? It seems every day there is a new name thrown around. Maybe we will hear that Cito Gaston is being considered again? After all, third times a charm right? Right?