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Bluebird Banter LDS Prediction Contest

Division Series - Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Four Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Let’s have a contest to see who can predict the winners of the AL and NL Divisional Series. Tell us the winner of each series and, tie breaker, how many games the series will go (remember they are best of 5). We’ll have open threads for the games.

The four series are:

  • Rockies and Brewers (starting today at 5:00 Eastern, Senzatela starting for the Rockies, TBD for the Brewers).
  • Braves and Dodgers (starting today at 8:30 Eastern, Foltynewicz starting for Braves, Ryu for Dodgers).
  • Cleveland and Astros (starting Friday at 2:00 Eastern, Cleveland Kluber, Astros Verlander).
  • Yankees and Red Sox (starting Friday at 7:30 Eastern, Yankees TBD, Red Sox Sale).

Let’s have the predictions before the start of today’s first game.


Brewers in 4.

Dodgers in 5 (sorry Alex).

Astros in 4.

Red Sox in 5 (and I have to shower now, but unless they can find a way for both teams to lose, I’m going to hate this series. I’m just going to cheer for extra innings. Lots of extra innings.).

Give us your best guesses. I don’t have a prize, but I will promise to but the winner a beer if we can meet up at some point.