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What qualities would you would like in the new Blue Jays manager?

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

With the Blue Jays searching for a new manager, I thought I ask: What qualities would you would like in a new manager?

For me:

  • A curious mind. Someone interested in analytics and someone that reads up on the latest studies and thoughts. Someone that can read though reports from the analytic department, likes doing it, and understands them. Who can understand what’s important and what isn’t. Someone (sorry Gibby) who won’t take small samples of hitter vs. pitcher stuff and use it to influence his lineup, no more moving Pillar to the 2 spot because he’s 3 for 7 against some pitcher. They don’t have to agree with everything, but I’d like them to be discuss ideas.
  • Someone who has managed before, in the majors or minors, or has been a bench coach in the majors. I wouldn’t want on the job training. Sorry Johnny Mac, but I want someone that’s not going to be surprised by how fast the game goes by. We aren’t the Yankees or the Red Sox, we aren’t going to have a team that can be managed by anyone and do well.
  • Speaking Spanish would be a plus. If the manager doesn’t speak Spanish, I would need a bench coach that did. One or the other would have to be fluent.
  • I’d like someone who would keep Pete Walker as pitching coach. Beyond that I’d like to hear who he would like as on his staff. The new manager would really need a good friend as bench coach. And, of course, I’d want someone who has connections with good baseball people.
  • Since I want someone that’s analytical I’d want to know views on the bunt, hit and run, shifting, all that stuff. I don’t mind if they think a bunt is ok very very occasionally, but I’d want to know their feelings.
  • I’d want someone who would make it clear to the players that he will decide strategy not them. Players shouldn’t be deciding to bunt on their own. And someone that makes it clear that trying to steal 3rd with two outs is something that won’t happen. Impressing on outfielders that he insists that throwing to the proper base will be important.
  • I would want someone that’s interested in not just the active roster. I would want active partner in decision making. I’d want someone who could say ‘Hey we could use a lefty reliever, this guy sounds like someone who would fit well’.
  • I’d prefer younger than older, but 50 or below would be good.
  • Being Canadian wouldn’t hurt, but it would be limiting the pool of candidates too much. If there were two equals and one was Canadian...terrific. I don’t know enough about Stubby Clapp to have an opinion.
  • Obviously, being good with the media would be important. He doesn't have to be the best friend to the media, but he does have to be good with them. He’s going to be spending a lot of time in front of cameras and with writers. The manager speaks to the media more than any other member of the organization, being good with the media might be as important as anything else.
  • Atkins words tough, smart and passionate, well of course, but they are pretty meaningless.

That’s what I’d be looking for. But then, if someone came along and seemed great, but didn’t check off all the boxes, I’d be ok with that.