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Saturday Bantering: Jays best trade chip?

Houston Astros v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Happy weekend to everyone.

I get an email from with a bunch of links most mornings and today’s had a link to a story ‘Each team’s top trade pick.’ Cool, I wonder who they picked for the Blue Jays?

Brandon Drury.

The Blue Jays have an abundance of infielders, and with baseball’s top prospect, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., zooming toward the Majors, it’s only a matter of time before third base becomes his territory. Drury is a versatile, valuable player with three years of arbitration eligibility remaining, so he could bring back a nice return.

While I agree that we have an abundance of way does Brandon Drury “bring back a nice return” (well, I guess it depends on your definition of nice return).

A 26-year-old whose career batting line is .264/.314/.434 in 315 games and managed 8 games as a Blue Jay after an end of July trade, who hit .169/.256/.260 this season will not bring a ‘nice return.

If he is our best trade piece, don’t expect much for trades this winter.

So, let’s say we are agreed that Drury, how ever nice a guy he might be, isn’t our best trade chip, then who is?

Well, obviously our best trade chip would be Vlad Jr. I’d imagine we could get almost any player in baseball in return for him. Let’s face it, any sentence that has the words “best” and “Blue Jays” in it should come around to Vlad.

But, let’s just consider players who the team might actually consider trading?

My first thought was Marcus Stroman. He didn’t have a great year, but he’s been very good in the past, he’s got a couple of years of control left and he’s likely to have a bounce back season.

I hate the thought of trading low on him. I’d prefer to challenge him to show us how good he can be, but I’d like to think he has more trade value than Drury.

Who else? I’d think Randal Grichuk would have some value. I think teams would look at how he turned his season around and think that he’s figured things out. And he’s good defensively. I’d think there would be value there. For that matter, I’d think Teoscar Hernandez would have more trade value than Drury/

Justin Smoak has 63 homers in the past two seasons, and is only making $8 million next year. Add in that he was a Gold Glove finalist, there must be some trade value there.

I’d have to think that Lourdes Gurriel has more trade value than Drury. He’s got a very team friendly contract that runs through the 2023 season. There is power potential in that bat. If you are think we have a lot of infield depth and were looking at who could get you the best return, would Gurriel be the guy? I wouldn’t want to trade him, because of that contact and because he could turn out to be pretty good, but trade value? I’d think he has a fair bit.

Of course, if you think we have lots of infield depth, Bo Bichette has a fair bit of trade value. If you were thinking that Kevin Smith was just a bit behind him and Jordan Groshans just a bit further back, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what young pitcher you could get for him? It won’t happen, but it is one of those OOTP Baseball trades that I like to make, top prospect for top prospect.

I’d also think that Ken Giles and Ryan Tepera both would have more trade value than Drury.

Let’s have a poll:


Who is our top trade chip (of guys who we might possible trade)?

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  • 2%
    Brandon Drury
    (62 votes)
  • 37%
    Marcus Stroman
    (783 votes)
  • 8%
    Randal Grichuk
    (170 votes)
  • 31%
    Justin Smoak
    (655 votes)
  • 11%
    Ken Giles
    (242 votes)
  • 2%
    Ryan Tepera
    (42 votes)
  • 6%
    Someone else?
    (133 votes)
2087 votes total Vote Now

Steve Buffery, in the Sun, writes that the Blue Jays have made Hernandez’s defence an off-season priority.

“I’m really excited for he and Charlie to get together,” said Atkins. “(And) I’m really excited about our opportunities with our R&D department to work with him on his defence. We will have a new first base/outfield coach for him to work with and that will be a priority for us this off-season. I’ve talked to his agent about it, I talked to Teoscar about it. Teoscar’s one of the hardest working guys we have, so it’s a great opportunity.

“It’s nothing against Leip (former first base/outfield coach Tim Leiper). It’s just this will be a new opportunity for us,” Atkins added.

I do like to think that Hernandez can get better out there (John Lennon singing “Can’t get no worse” suddenly pops into my head), but I’ll believe it when it happens.

Twinkie Town is celebrating Joe Mauer’s career. It is a rare thing for a great player to play their whole career with one team. It will be interesting to see how his Hall of Fame vote goes.

Let’s do our own vote.


Should Joe Mauer go into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

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  • 65%
    (589 votes)
  • 34%
    (315 votes)
904 votes total Vote Now