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FanPost Friday: Offseason Plan

Tell us how you think the Jays’ offseason should go

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Press Conference
“So you think you can do better than me? [maniacal laughter]” - Ross Atkins (theoretically)
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

We’re inching closer and closer to actual offseason moves, so before that happens, we would like to find out what you think SHOULD happen.

Matt W went through a lot of the roster situations we’re at as we approach the November 20 Rule 5 protection deadline. The general breakdown is here, while Matt breaks down further the pitching, outfield and infield.

As far as payroll is concerned, Cots has the current 2019 payroll projection as $108,478,571, factoring in guaranteed contracts and projected arbitration salaries. I don’t really know what to expect for 2019, but I would imagine it’ll be in the $120m range. If your plan involves it being more, go for it, but be realistic.

So go here, click “New FanPost” and let us know what you think would be smart moves for the Blue Jays to make over the next few months.

Free agents, trades, non-tenders, DFAs, and Rule 5 selections. Let us know them all.

The best one will win nothing, because I have nothing to give.

But come back here and post the link to it once it’s up.