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Tuesday news

The future of the Jays infield....

Japan v MLB All Stars - Game 6 Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images

With Aledmys Diaz being traded to the Astros for some warm body called Trent Thornton, the state of the Jays infield is a little bit clearer. Or maybe it’s a bit more muddled?

Gregor Chisholm has more on the roles for Drury, Vlad, Smoak, Travis, Urena...and Tulowitzki (remember him?)

Im guessing the latter’s role will be to look wistfully upon the diamond as he contemplates the rest of his life on an anti gravity treadmill...while the Jays FO weep quietly over the $38m they owe him.

Talking of the Diaz/Thornton trade (and we did a lot of talking about it) Fangraphs has decided that its a win win for the Jays and the Astros.

The Arizona Fall League wrapped up over the weekend and here is a summary of how each Blue Jay did in the short season.

In other news, MLB has a probability scale on where this season’s Top 10 free agents will end up.

Encouraging signs for the Jays: We have a 1.4% chance of landing A.J. Pollock, a 1.9% chance of landing Michael Brantley (why?) and a healthier 9.2% chance of re-acquiring J.A. Happ.

And while we are here, lets look ahead to the class of 2020 and see who will be up for grabs. Some great names are available such as Sale, Abreu, Gregorius, Ozuna, Rendon, and Khris Davis.

In the bargain bin you rummage around and find Mark Trumbo.

And in the ‘madder than a boxful of frogs’ bin there will be Yasiel Puig.

In yesterday’s blockbuster trade, the Nationals agreed to a two-year contract with free-agent catcher Kurt Suzuki, who will get $4m in 2019 and $6m in 2020.

And some guy named James Paxton has signed for the Yankees? Henceforce he shall be known as Maple Sithup.

After i showed you the Marlins new snazzy/fugly uniforms for next season, here is the response from the Cardinals. They are bringing back the Ozzie Smith-tastic baby blues.

You stay classy St Louis!