What The Jays Should Do

Sign a marquee FA pitcher. Or trade some depth from the minors (inf or p) to get a Cleveland arm. While I recognize we are rebuilding we need to add stability to our starting rotation so that we can compete. IF (big if) Stroman and Sanchez have bounce back years and we add a Kluber or Carrasco we could steal a wild card spot. If we land a solid arm and we’re still not competitive in 2-3yeara than trading an arm at the deadline would still bring back AAA talent that may be ready the following season to compliment Vlad, Bo, Jansen, Biggio etc. (Think Yanks trading Chapmen and getting a return of players making impact the following season). If we cheap out and sign another "Garcia" or reclamation project and either/or stroman or Sanchez do well, it won’t be enough and we’ll deal one or both at the deadline. Then we’ll just be a young team without the depth or proven ability to compete against the yanks or bosox. And no matter what Vlad and company does it won’t be enough and we’ll be 3rd and 4th in the east for the next 2 decades.

My guess is, Atkins is as useless as I think he his and the Jays will revisit the ‘98 - ‘12 years all over again.

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