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Blue Jays fire Jacoby and Leiper

Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

We expected some changes in the coaching staff with the new manager, and the changes have started.

Hitting coach Brook Jacoby and first base coach Tim Leiper have been fired.

Jacoby has been our hitting coach since November 2014. Back then we had one of the best offenses in the league, but, for the last couple of seasons, we’ve been closer to the worst offense in the league. Not that it is Jacoby’s fault, but hitting coaches tend to get the blame when no one is hitting. Jacoby is 58.

No word on who might get his job but apparently the search has been on for the past few days.

And Tim Leiper, who has been our first base coach since 2014, has also been let go. Since I always figured the first base coach’s job is to shake hands with guys reaching first and reminding them where second base is (yeah I know there is a little bit more than that) it should be that hard to find someone. Leiper is 52.

I’d imagine there will be more changes in the coach staff, but this is where it starts. I would like them to keep pitching coach Pete Walker, because he seems to have a good reputation. J.A. Happ said that one of the reason he signed with the Jays was that he liked to work with Walker.