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Blue Jays non-tender Yangervis Solarte

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The deadline to tender 2019 contracts to players came and went with a whimper rather than a bang, as least as it concerns the Blue Jays as they tendered 34 of the 35 eligible players. However, there does project to be less on-field dancing in 2019:

I feel the need to quibble with the wording in that tweet, since non-tendering is simply the absence of an actual action (in this case, the tendering a 2019 contract), thus one can’t refer to the non-action in the past tense as “has“ occurred until the deadline for the action is past. As I write this just prior to 8:00 eastern, the Jays still have the ability to tender Solarte a contract, but I digress.

Update 8:09 PM: It is now logically accurate to say that Yangervis Solarte “has” been non-tendered in that they have not tendered him a contract and it is no longer possible to do so.

Anyway, no real surprises. The writing’s been on the wall for Solarte since the Jays declined their team option at the beginning of this month which as has been mentioned a few times was effectively the tender decision. Devon Travis is retained for what will likely be a make or break 2019 season, as least as it regards his future in Toronto. This wraps up a short tenure for Solarte with the Blue Jays, as he was acquired at the beginning of January and doesn’t make it to December.

The 40-man roster now stands at 39, which means that inter alia, the Jays now have room to make a selection at the Rule 5 Draft in two weeks barring further net additions in the interim. With this milestone now past, there are basically just two left on the offseason calendar: the upcoming Winter Meetings and the mid-January deadline to exchange arbitration figures. And then it’s the formal opening of Spring Training.