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Today in Blue Jays History: Roy Halladay

MLB: Spring Training-Toronto Blue Jays at Pittsburgh Pirates Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It is hard to believe a year has passed since the plane crash that killed Roy Halladay. A friend of mine, talking about another friend who passed a few years back, said “time flies when you’re dead”. If you haven’t yet, go read Erik’s post this morning.

Looking back at our posts from last year, what strikes me most is how sad it made us. It was like a death in the family.

Read through the comments on the post on his passing, we were mourning a friend.

The next day I put up a Remembering Doc post. Looking back on it, it should have been longer. But then, looking back on any post I think ‘it should have been better’. I still like this tweet:

The next day I asked “how should the Jays celebrate Roy Halladay?

I thought the Blue Jays did a very nice job on the celebration, you can see it in Erik’s post.

But I still think renaming a road would be a nice gesture. 1 Blue Jay Way could be 32 Halladay Way without too much trouble.

Here are some links:

Here is Doc talking to Scott MacArthur about getting into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

Sportsnet had a long read on Roy coaching his son’s team.

Dirk Hayhurst wrote about Doc when Doc retired.

A funny moment:

The last out of his perfect game: