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Tuesday Bantering: Rumors or a lack of rumors

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Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Winter Meetings are supposed to be an oasis in the desert for those of us that blog about baseball. We are supposed to be knee deep in rumors, if not actual news.

This year? We are still out in the desert and all we can see is sand in all directions.

The only Blue Jays rumors out there are about the possibility of trading Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez. I get the feeling they aren’t actively shopping them but they are will to listen to offers. I also think they are softening us up so that when/if there is a trade we aren’t too surprised and we can process it.

I’m not a big fan of selling low. It seems like the video game method of running a team. A guy has a bad season you trade him.

There is this:

I can’t see the Jays offering him three years. Happ turned 36 in October. Carrying him through his age 38 season doesn’t seem like a smart move, especially since that’s about when we should be on the upturn.

There is some talk that the Jays would be willing to trade Anthony Alford. He had a crappy year, but there is a fair bit of talent there. I really hate the idea of selling low on him. I’d much rather they trade Kevin Pillar and made room for Alford, and give him a season or two to show if he can turn the talent into production.

He might need a couple of years to figure things out but then so did Lloyd Moseby, back in the day. We aren’t going to win this year, and Pillar isn’t going to be of any help when we are ready to win, so let’s throw Alford out there and see if he becomes Moseby.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tells us that the Jays are looking to fill out their start pitcher staff before they start looking for bullpen help.

And he mentions the Jays are interested in Yusei Kikuchi, a 27-year-old left-handed pitcher who the Seibu Tigers have posted. Career in the Japan Pacific League he has a 74-48 record and a 2.81 ERA in 163 games, 158 starts. In 1035 innings he allowed 381 walks and had 925 strikeouts.

Ben also mention Lance Lynn and Mike Fiers as possibilities.

We should have money to go after him if the team decides.

Shi Davidi tells us (among other things) that Ken Giles is ‘available’. I’d guess everyone in the Jays system is available, or at least everyone whose father isn’t in the Hall of Fame would be available if the offerr was right.

And, after Ross Atkins met with met with Troy Tulowitzki’s agent, Shi has this has this quote from Atkins about Tulo:

He’s in an incredible state of mind, he feels great physically, he looks great, he’s moving around well, so all positive signs.

I would kill for some real news. Give us a little trade. I’d take a waiver pickup. Anything.