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Blue Jays Release Troy Tulowitzki

The Blue Jays will pay out the remainder of Tulowitzki’s $38M contract

Cincinnati Reds v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Blue Jays have made the move that is quite possibly the most shocking thing they could do at the Winter Meetings this week:

Tulowitzki is owed $38M guaranteed per his contract - $20M in 2019, $14M in 2020 and a $4M buyout for 2021. Due to injuries, he hasn’t played in a baseball game in over a year and a half.

With all the comments Ross Atkins has made publicly over the past week, it seemed inevitable that it was an uphill climb for Tulowitzki to be the team’s starting shortstop going forward, but a release at this point in the off season is certainly surprising.

On the other hand, this frees up another 40-man spot and gives Tulo plenty of time to find another opportunity.

Here are some sweet words from Marcus Stroman:

Thank you for everything, Tulo. We wish you all the best.