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MLB: Winter Meetings Daniel Clark-USA TODAY Sports

A few whispers and rumours concerning the Jays at the moment, mostly about pitching it seems.

The Jays haven’t landed J.A. Happ, Charlie Morton, Lance Lynn and Tanner Roark and instead are expected to target a secondary tier of starters where some value can be found on short-term deals.

In that regard Scott Boras is adhering to the #CheapRogers mindset and has blasted Rogers and the Jays for not spending enough.

But we are casting our net wide and far to add to our pitching stocks:

The Reds are interested in Marcus Stroman according to a variety of reports. What is encouraging is that the Reds have more than enough prospect-wise to acquire Stroman. According to MLB Pipeline, Cincinnati has four of the top 51 prospects in all of baseball.

Alex Anthopoulos apparently is surprised we released Troy Tulowitzki. AA had this to say:

“But I think he’ll land on his feet, just knowing him, he’s a complete pro, I won’t be surprised to see him bounce back, and hopefully things will work out for him.”

I’m not sure the bone spurs will help him land on his feet ok Alex....

Also, the Jays have a decision to make on Ken Giles. Is that decision around whether he is actually quite sane or is he madder than a box full of badgers?

Out with the old, in with the new

Is Russell Martin the next veteran to be given the heave ho?

And Charlie Montoyo talks all things Vladimir Guerrero Jr. related.

And around the rest of MLB, there has been a fair bit of movement today:

  • The Reds got starting pitcher Tanner Roark in a trade from the Nationals in exchange for reliever Tanner Rainey.
  • Jeurys Familia returned to the LOLMets on a three-year contract worth $30 million.
  • Joe Kelly has moved to the NL and joined the Dodgers for 3 years at $25 million.
  • Lance Lynn is going to spend the next 3 years in hell Texas earning $30m
  • Charlie Morton has joined the Rays for $30m over 2 years and an an option for the 2021 season that could be worth as much as $15m if he stays healthy
  • Justin Bour has joined the Angels for a paltry $2.5m one year deal which raises questions about Albert Pujols continued playing time at 1B.

Spare a thought for the Rays (and everyone who has to play them)- their proposed new stadium deal has fallen through and so they are likely to stay at the Trop/abomination until 2027.

And to end: Lets stomp all over over those unwritten rules of MLB as we enjoy the best bat flips of 2018!