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Blue Jays Rumors: Fiers, Graveman

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And Baines and Smith voted into the Hall of Fame.

Minnesota Twins v Oakland Athletics Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Jon Morosi tweets that the Jays are interested in Mike Fiers and Kendall Graveman to ‘build depth’ in case Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez are traded.

I wouldn’t be against offering Fiers a one-year deal. He’s averaged 168 innings per season over the past four years and had a 3.56 ERA last year (maybe helped along by pitching in larger home parks in Detroit and Oakland), but he should be able to give us some low cost innings.

Graveman? Well, he’s made 78 starts for the A’s in the four seasons since he was part of the Donaldson trade. He has a 4.38 ERA in those starts. He had Tommy John surgery back in July and was non-tendered by the A’s last month.

I’m not thrilled with the idea of selling low on Sanchez and Stroman but I guess it depends on what is offered. But I’d think we could use some pitching depth whether they are traded or not.

We’ve been staved for real rumors, and generally the Winter Meetings are feeding grounds for rumors.

And the “Today’s Game Committee” has elected Lee Smith and Harold Baines to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

If Baines gets in then Fred McGriff and Carlos Delgado really need to be in.

In fWAR:

Baines: 38.4.

McGriff: 56.9.

Delgado 44.2.

Career batting lines:

Baines: .289/.356/.465.

McGriff: .284/.377/.509.

Delgado: .280/.383/.546.

Or homers:

Baines: 384.

McGriff: 493.

Delgado: 473.

I’m not a fan of Smith being in....but if Baines gets in there must be 50 or so better candidates who should be getting the call.

The Today’s Game committee must be pulling a prank on us.