Where in the Frank Francisco have I been?

His shadow leaked through the floor-to-ceiling window, and spilled onto the frigid sidewalk outside. With glass on his left and shelves of ancient texts closing him off from the rest of the library, he was able to get to work. A constant rotation of coffee and calculations ensued. Pages upon pages of arithmetic flooded his notebook while a symphony of pencil squeaks and button presses carried him through the repetitive if not pointless assignment. The only problem was there was something that he couldn't get off his mind: The Blue Jays start spring training in two days.

Finally, with the sun now much higher in the sky than it was when he had first stared out the window, there were no more microeconomics to decipher. Not used to having free time in the middle of the day, the boy pondered what to do with his new freedom. He no longer had to think about the elasticity of demand for products, which allowed his distraction to become his focus. Making sure to leave his backpack at his seat so it wouldn't be taken, he wen't to the ground floor to grab a new coffee. Once back, his computer flipped open again. On a fresh tab, the boy typed "Bluebird Banter". After hours of answering his professor's questions, he asked himself one: "How in the world do I start this post?".

Hello again old friends! I figure it's time that Spor (Matt) gives an update as to where he's been. The Jays' summer is a pretty good metaphor for mine, really. There were some exciting moments, and some sad moments, and overall it was pretty disappointing. But through that I learned a lot about who I am, and as long as you can learn and improve from an experience, it's a valuable use of time. Speaking of learning... I'm in college! I'm a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh (widely and simply known as Pitt), and am on track for a double major in Human Resource Management and Psychology. If Pitt sounds oddly familiar/related to the Jays, that's because it is! TJ Zeuch, our 2016 1st round pick is a proud Pittsburgh Panther. He instantly became a prospect I'm rooting hard for, since I support both his school and the team that drafted him. Hail to Pitt.

Speaking of playing baseball at Pitt, I do that! Granted, it's the club team and not D1, but I have D1 level pride in it. I tried out over the winter, after the fall season, so I haven't gotten any game action yet. My role hasn't been determined, but due to the lack of endurance my arm has because of my 7 month absence from playing baseball (and the fact that I'm a freshman competing with polished seniors), It looks like I'll be in the bullpen competing for a high level spot. For those who care, here's the pitch repertoire:

4-seam: 83-85 mph (Not bad for 5'10 155. Knowing you can throw harder than Mark Buehrle is cool)

2-seam: 80-83 mph

Cutter: ~80 mph

Silder: 65-70 mph

Knuckle Curve: 70-77 mph

Changeup: 75-77 MPH (This pitch is used when we're winning by way too much. It fixes that problem.)

So that's about it as far as what I'm up to. I plan on being back on The Banter this year, and can't wait to dive into the Jays with all of you! Here's some pics, for real life reference:


I show the camera what a baseball is.


I stare at you while smiling while not smiling.


I try to look intimidating. Having Max Scherzer's eyes would help.

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