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Monday Bantering: Josh Donaldson is expecting to hit free agency

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Workout Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Donaldson has told reporters that he’s going to ‘shut down’ contract extension talks with the Blue Jays. He said he expects to hit free agency next year.

There are a series of tweets from Jays writers in which it sounds like he is unhappy with how extension talks have gone:

We’ve heard this one from many players:

This sounds much like things Josh Bautista said two years ago. Each player think that he is the one that won’t age. I remember the stories about how Jose would age well because he keeps himself flexible.

If he’s extremely comfortable in entering the free agent market, he hasn’t been paying attention. Sluggers on the wrong side of 30 haven’t been doing well. He might do better, but then I wouldn’t bet on it.

I’m guessing not ‘extremely happy’. Extremely happy would mean he’s signed a contract. Or that’s the way I would think it would go.

MLB has released some rules designed to speed up games. Thankfully no pitch clock (yet), but there are limits on visits to the mound. Teams will be limited to 6 visits to the mound a game. The ‘visits’ will include trips to the mound by teammates, including the catcher. Games against the Yankees will be much different next year.

Troy Tulowitzki says his ankle feels better, but he hasn’t run on it much yet. He likely won’t be playing in the first few spring games. He’s got more than a month to be ready for opening day, but I’m sure the team won’t be pushing him hard.