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Wednesday Bantering: Siddall taking Zaun’s spot on Blue Jays Central

And today’s lineup

Joe Siddall

One Sportsnet analyst role is filled, but it opens another one.

Joe Siddall is moving from radio analyst to the chair formerly owned by Gregg Zaun, beside Jamie Campbell on Sportsnet’s pregame show, Blue Jays Central. Kevin Barker and Cliff Floyd will fill in occasionally.

I wasn’t a fan of Zaun’s so anyone (well, maybe not Barker) would feel like an improvement to me. I’m thinking it will be a different show with Siddall. I can’t see him doing ‘Sunday Roast’ or saying things just because he knows they are controversial. And hopefully, he’ll have a better sense of fashion. I don’t see Siddall remaking himself in the image of Don Cherry. It will be interesting to see how he makes the job his own.

It opens another spot on the radio broadcast. Sportsnet already had to fill Jerry Howarth’s spot. Now they have to fill both chairs.

Today’s radio broadcast has Ben Wagner and Rob Fai. I don’t know if they are still testing people out or if they have decided on someone. I think Mike Wilner is the right choice for play-by-play. I thought Scott Richmond was pretty good in the analyst spot, but then maybe they are still looking.

If they go with Wagner or Rob Fai or Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, that creates an opening somewhere else, so they will have to come to a decision soon (course, maybe they already have made their choice and just haven’t announce it yet).

I also wonder if they will go with the idea of giving the play-by-play guy a couple of innings off, like they did with Howarth.

I do have a question, if you were Wilner and you weren’t their choice, would you stay on the broadcast?

Let’s have a poll, I know Shulman would be everyone’s choice, but I don’t see him going down to radio after doing national TV for so long.


Who would you like to see do radio play-by-play?

This poll is closed

  • 43%
    Rob Fai
    (985 votes)
  • 18%
    Jesse Goldbery-Strassler
    (415 votes)
  • 4%
    Ben Wagner
    (90 votes)
  • 23%
    Mike Wilner
    (520 votes)
  • 10%
    Someone else
    (230 votes)
2240 votes total Vote Now

Today’s lineup. Some regulars. Alford has had a great start to his spring. Good to see him in the lineup again. Use this thread as a GameThread if you are listening in today.