thought on playing with the schedule.

For resetting the games, I do enjoy the length (162 games), I would go up to 166 for my purpose, however.

To make it easier on players, I would introduce a 30 man roster, but only having 25 eligible to play in any one game. This allows teams to give players a full day off, without affecting the bench, and be able to keep the season the same length, without any major changes. The 5 players not playing could only include 3 Starting pitchers, however, (keep in mind, I am thinking extra inning games with this). another step would be that all rule 5 picks would have to be dressed for a minimum 100 games. Players Union would easily go along with this (It gives them more members) and with added games, the owners should as well.

For the schedule itself, I do enjoy the unbalanced schedule, and would keep it similar, but would go to 19 X 4 for division, 6 X 10 for the rest of the league, and 30 interleague games, 5 x 6 vs one division, rotating every 3 years.

For the world series, since we cannot control the teams who tanking or rebuilding, I would instead go with total interleague record, with the All Star game counting for 15 wins (makes it extra competitive, and keeps the game total odd) with the League with the best record getting home field.

For the playoffs, I would make a few minor tweaks - along the way that football does. the three division winners get in automatically, with record against opponent counting as tie breaker. While for the wild card, you would go by weighted format to decide the next best 2 teams, by (win% * (Weighted win % of opponents.)

For weighting, it would be final win % of each team played * games played vs each team divided by total games played, meaning if you are in a strong division, like the Jays are, you would get (yankees win % * 19 plus Boston *19 plus Baltimore * 19 etc /162 or total games played, if one or two rain out.). I would also schedule the best of 5 to start one day after the play in game, to give the team winning its division the advantage of winning its division, and both games to be seen on TV on different days.

To me, this would make it a bit more fair in regards to the wildcard, as being in a division that is either tanking or gets blown apart by injuries helps the division winner, but not for the wild card, and would continue to keep rivalries going, instead of slowing them down like the NHL did when they moved teams around (people of a certain age that are Leaf fans, always hated the Canadiens, but HATED Detroit, just like Montreal fans hated Toronto, but HATED Boston). Rivalries are what get people invested, and playing all teams 6 times would make it boring, as a home and home doesnt really do much for building a rivalry, but playoffs and constantly playing each other does - as an example, Tampa has not really done much in its existence, but most people here hate them due to the way they seem to beat the Jays on a consistent basis, and it does get people out for the game a bit more/talking about the Jays a bit more.

I hope you don't mind my lunatic ramblings, and please be gentle critiquing my grammar, as I do suck at writing, but feel free to critique anything else.

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