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J.A. Happ gets the opening day start

MLB: Spring Training-Pittsburgh Pirates at Toronto Blue Jays Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The Jays have announced their rotation order for the first time through the order.

J.A. Happ gets the opening day start against the Yankees, Thursday March 29th, just 10 days from today.

After that we get Aaron Sanchez, Marco Estrada and Marcus Stroman wrapping up the Yankee series, while Jaime Garcia starts the first game against the White Sox.

That gives us the two lefties starting back-to-back. I know that bothers other people, but for me, it isn’t a concern.

Of course, there are 10 days until the season starts, and things can always happen in 10 days, but I’m pretty happy with the rotation as it is. I’m hoping we don’t need 14 starting pitchers this year.

In other news Randal Grichuk will play in tomorrow’s game.

And the Jays released pictures of their uniforms for special days. Some of the caps are less than pretty.

Mother’s Day:

And the Memorial Day weekend:

Anyway go take a look at all of them and let us know what you think.