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Jays announce Ben Wagner as radio voice, with Dan Shulman doing some games

Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Correction on this: It isn’t a ‘Blue Jays’ hiring, it is a Sportsnet hiring. It is a bit a grey area since Rogers owns both, but this is Sportsnet announcing this.

The Blue Jays have finally made it official. Ben Wagner will be doing the radio play-by-play this seasons. But the big news is that Dan Shulman will do “a collection of regular season games” as well as doing some game on TV.

Ben was the voice of the Bisons for 11 years, and he gets the call to the majors.

The press release tells us that there will be a “rotating team of analysts” joining Ben in the booth (J.P. Arenciba tweeted that he was going to be doing some radio work, I’m thinking he’ll be one of the rotating team).

The press release doesn’t say how many gamesShulman will also be doing but he will also do a weekly baseball podcast for Sportsnet

It sounds like Mike Wilner will be in much the same role as last year and he’ll continue to do Jays Talk (which seems like being sentenced to hell to me). I can’t imagine he’s happy, I’d think he would have hoped to move up into Jerry Howarth’s role.

Congratulations Ben. It is well deserved.