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Sporcle Hell: Alex Anthopoulos waiver claims, 2009-2015

Toronto Blue Jays Introduce R.A. Dickey Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

In his six years and one month as General Manager of the Blue Jays, Alex Anthopoulos became known for many things: blockbuster trades, rebuilding a moribund farm system, and assembling the roster that broke a 22-year playoff drought and delivered back-to-back ALCS appearances.

There was one other, much lower profile activity for which he was known: vociferiously working the waiver wire. In 73 months, he claimed 65 players on waivers. Excluding an uncharacteristic quiet period from May 2010 to July 2011 in which he only claimed two players, that’s an average of more than one player a month for his entire tenure.

On Tuesday, Atlanta visits Dunedin and Anthopoulos returns to his old stompng grounds for the first time as opposing GM. To mark the occasion, we thought we’d present a Sporcle challenge in his honour: naming as many of the 65 players he claimed off waivers during his tenure. To make it a little more manageable since these players tended to be more obscure and not last long, in addition to the date and player position, we’ll spot you the player’s initials and his former team as well.

We don't expect anyone to get more than 20 straight from memory alone. If discussing in the comments, remember to use the “spoiler” feature to hide answers.

The winner will receive 10 AAcoins, a soon-be-released digital currency whose purpose is to apply blockchain technology to simplify the backoffice processes involved in waiver claims, and facilitate churning through the waiver wire through a distributed ledger. (Mandatory legal disclaimer: this is a joke but do feel free to send the authors money if you wish.)

If it does not work or display well in your browser, here is the direct link.