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FanPost Friday - March 9, 2018

What amenities would you like in a new stadium?

MLB: NLDS-Chicago Cubs at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Bluebird Banter!

Welcome to another edition of FanPost Friday. In case you’re new here, the goal of FanPost Friday is to get as many fans as possible to write up a post of at least 250 words on a particular common subject. Pretty simple, right? As in, don’t just leave a short comment in the comment section. Actually put it in a FanPost. It will give you experience with the format as well as experience writing articles. Who knows, maybe it will help you get noticed and start writing for a baseball blog somewhere.

Today’s topic: What features and amenities would you like to see in a future Toronto ballpark? It can be something that you like from another ballpark or something that you think should be done somewhere that isn’t being done. No limits, let’s have some fun with this.

One that I really like from around the league is at AT&T Park in San Francisco, where players can hit the ball into McCovey Cove. It’s a unique feature that can be a lot of fun for the fans to keep track of, and helps to frame history as well. For example, since AT&T park opened in 2000, there have been 117 home runs hit into the cove - 41 by opponents, 41 by non-Bonds Giants, and 35 by Bonds himself. I remember watching games 15 years ago at the peak of the Bonds excitement, seeing hundreds of people out having fun out in the cove in their kayaks. I’m sure there are a lot of liability issues with this, but it’s also a really fun way to interact with a baseball game. Could you imagine the excitement of watching guys like Vladdy Jr. hitting balls into Lake Ontario?

So go here, click on “New FanPost”, and start writing. Once it’s up, come back here and post the link and let others read what you wrote.