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The Best Tweets from the Jays Series at the Orioles

The Blue Jays have won another series. What are you going to do now, Buck?

Tornoto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Here is a comprehensive list of the best tweets from the Blue Jays series at Camden Yards:

On the home run hitting form of our right fielder, Steve Pearce:

On our first baseman, Josh Donaldson:

On Chris Davis’ continued struggles:

And his resulting broken bat:

On Devon Travis’ slow start:

On all the 9th inning offense in Game 1:

On Josh Donaldson’s grand slam finale:

On supporting your teammates:

On highlights:

On accurate statistics:

On Aaron Sanchez’s almost no-hitter:

On the magic of baseball:

On Curtis Granderson’s go ahead homer:

On Roberto Osuna’s 100 save milestone:

(which gifted us gems like this)

On our continued appreciation for ACEstrada:

On Danny Barnes’ masterful outing:

On our backup catcher and his current 1.071 OPS:

On making the most of every opportunity:


On being punny:

On Joey Votto who is the best:

On things we can’t unsee:

Think I missed a tweet? Feel free to embed it in the comments!