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Around The Nest Returns!

Week 1: We missed you too!

Around The Nest

Now that all the Blue Jays’ affiliates have each played a handful of games, it’s time for the return of Around The Nest, the Blue Jays minor league podcast. Around The Nest is hosted by the Voice of the Lansing Lugnuts Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and features the radio broadcasters from each active affiliate: the new Voice of the Bisons Pat Malacaro, the New Hampshire trio of Tyler Murray, Tyler Zickel, and Bob Lipman, and Jim Tarabocchia of the Dunedin Blue Jays. We as Jays fans are very lucky to be able to get direct access to the people who see and call every game the prospects play.

The podcast broadcasts live every Friday afternoon of the minor league season at 4 pm Eastern and the archived version can be downloaded for later listening.

Here’s the episode description from Jesse:

What’s happened since last you heard from the Around the Nest crew? One of our own was called up to The Show, Vladdy turned national hero, JB/Edward/The Kuff were traded, and snow. Lots of snow. But to paraphrase Bender, We’re back, baby, and we’re ready to talk Blue Jays MiLBers, from 11-run innings to bonus runners in extras. Join the ascendant Pat Malacaro from Triple-A Buffalo, one of the beautiful triumvirate in Double-A New Hampshire, the dulcet Jim Tarabocchia of A-Advanced Dunedin, and host Jesse Goldberg-Strassler representing Single-A Lansing, letting you know the latest insights and wildness from the first week of farm action... Jay-talking around the nest!

Every week we seek questions from you that the broadcasters can answer—you can put those in the comments below. I’ll start the season off with a couple of questions for them:

  • How did you spend your offseason?
  • Which new player on your team are you most excited to watch over the next few months?

Around The Nest has a Twitter account! Follow them @AroundNest.