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John Gibbons: Teoscar Hernandez to be up soon

MLB: Spring Training-St. Louis Cardinals at Toronto Blue Jays Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Normally I pass on rumors posted on Twitter, but this one seems more than a rumor.

John Gibbons, on SiriusXM’s MLB Radio, said that Teoscar Hernandez will be up soon. Jim Bowden said he liked Teoscar over Randal Grichuk.

The conversation went:

Bowden (host): “Any chance you might bring him back? Because he played pretty good for you down the stretch last year.”

Gibbons: “You may see him soon. Put it that way.”

Bowden (host): “Tomorrow?”

Duquette (host): “Tonight?”

Gibbons: “I don’t know, but you may see him soon. (laughter) … I love to be optimistic. I think the guy’s going to be a good major league player. We saw that last year and I think [in] spring training I thought he was a better player. He’s learned how to hit, learning the strike zone better. Yeah, I’m a huge fan.”

I get that Grichuk isn’t hitting. but I keep thinking that Jays fans should be used to players getting off to a slow start. I remember the Facebook page ‘we hate Jose Bautista’ that come up when he got off to a 1 for 17 start for the team when he came to Toronto.

It doesn’t sound like Gibby knows that Teoscar is coming up now but that he likes him personally. I’m not expecting to see Hernandez right away, but sooner or later an outfielder will be hurt and Teoscar will, likely, be the first one up.