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FanPost Friday: Blue Jays Fandom

How did you become a Jays Fan?

SkyDome Blue Jays

This weekend’s FanPost Friday is to tell us about how you got into Blue Jays’ Baseball, and also what made it stick.

My theory suggest that there were 4 periods of exceptionally large fan growth - 1977, 1985, 1992/1993 and 2015 (I think most fans can figure out why those years). I also know that there are a lot of fans on here that started following the team within those gap years. And since we are in another gap year right now, there was obviously something that kept you coming back.

So go here , write up a story about what go you interested in baseball, the Blue Jays, and maybe even how you stumbled upon our little corner of the baseball universe.

Last week’s FanPost Friday was looking for you to come up with a write up your favourite player or favourite players, and why that particular player was of interest to you.

Unsurprisingly, barraqudie believes that Marco Is the Best. It’s a good read, and shows just how awesome Marco Estrada can be.

So go forth, and write it as a FanPost!