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Off topic thread: Netflix suggestions

Netflix See What's Next Event In Rome Photo by Ernesto S. Ruscio/Getty Images for Netflix

I thought we would try something different: a weekly off topic thread.

Saturday, in the GameThread, we started talking about Netflix suggestions, because I’m looking for things to watch. So let’s go with that for this week’s off topic thread.

I’ve been watching a lot of British detective shows lately. I really liked Boardchurch, the first season more than the second two, but I like David Tennant. I watched Marcella, Happy Valley, Sherlock, The Fall and a few other British police shows.

I also very much liked Longmire and Ozark. And I’ve tried to mix in a comedy here and there, I watched Arrested Development, but wasn’t a fan of the Netflix season and watched the Good Place. And I’ve watched the British version of the Office and a few of the different Ricky Gervis shows.

And I’ve watched the Marvel shows, I really liked Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. I thought Daredevil, Defenders and Punisher were ok and I really hated the Iron Fist series.

So give us your suggestions for Netflix (or Amazon Prime or any of the other steaming services).