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One year ago today: The Coghlan Leap

Toronto Blue Jays v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

One year ago today, Chris Coghlan scored a spectacular run. I’ve never seen a play like this before in baseball, occasionally in football, but not in baseball.

That he was able to touch the plate on the leap was very impressive.

Even ignoring the leap, it was a terrific game.

We beat the Cardinals in 11 innings. Marcus Stroman scored the winning run, after hitting a pinch hit double, and then he scored on a Aledmys Diaz throwing error (the Cardinals made 4 errors that day).

We used 19 players in that game. Coghlan was one of 4 pinch hitters we used that game.

We didn’t have many good moments last April, so we enjoyed the few we had.

This play is my only real memory of Chris Coghlan. He hit .200/.299/.267 in 36 games for us and was released August 12th.

The win improved our record to 6-14. I am so happy this season has started much better.