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FanPost Friday: What Trade Bothers You The Most?

Everyone has a least favourite trade - wha?t’s yours and why?

Mike Young #54...

If you follow a professional sports team, the chances are pretty good that they have done something you didn’t like, whether it was on a strategic basis, a personal basis or you just didn’t like the direction the team was going.

So go here, our woefully underused FanPost section, and write up a FanPost about your least favourite trade or trades in the history of the Blue Jays. When you’re done, come on back and share your link.

Some popular ones I’m sure include the Dickey trade and the Marlins trade, and if those ones really do still grind on you, let us know why.

Last week’s topic, about how you became a Jays’ fan and why you stuck around, garnered one FanPost from Kumpel Tomek, discussing how a group date ignited his interest in the game.

So go forth, and let us know where the Blue Jays front office erred.