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The Best Tweets from the Jays Series vs the White Sox

Doubles, triples, and dingers, oh my!

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a comprehensive list of the best tweets from the White Sox series at the Rogers Center:

On being the American League player of the week:

On being misled by Buck Martinez:

On bringing joy to an entire nation:

On things we should try:

On valid questions:

On acute observations:

On hitting clutch homers:

On navigating life changes:

On taking one for the team:

On logical thoughts:

On maintaining a strong allegiance to the Backstreet Boys:

On things we should try, part 2:

On raising the floor:

On new things we are trying:

On figuring out Buck Martinez:

On feeling left out when your team scores 14 runs on your off day:

On new trends that are risky:

On Kendrys Morales’ first hit of the season:

On distractions:

On breaking tradition:

On milestones:


On our gratitude for the dome:

On being relatable:

On the continued unpredictability of baseball:

Think I missed a tweet? Feel free to embed it in the comments!