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Rougned Odor is still Rougned Odor

And that’s about the worst you could say about anyone.

Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers
He looks much better with his face covered.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It is hard to find words for Rougned Odor and stay within our site guidelines.

He really is just a jerk.

I don’t understand how the Rangers played him in all 162 games last year, and he put up a -1.0 fWAR. I can’t imagine there have been that many players who played in all 162 games and posted a negitive WAR.

The guy is hitting .194/.257/.226, has been caught stealing twice and yet he’s still acting like a jerk, which, I guess, is the only reason Ranger fans don’t boo him all the time.

And the Rangers have him signed through 2022, with an option for 2023 and he’s going to continue to be less than a replacement level player for all that time, and yet he’ll still act like this for all that time.