Favorite obscure/not so good players :D

Love this topic. I've been watching the jays a long time...So here's some of my favorite obscure/not so good players.

1. Craig Grebeck

I remember him being like 5 foot 4, thin as a pipe cleaner. And playing all around the diamond. If memory serves he batted like 350 one year. (Minimal at bats though) Possibly the shortest player the blue jays have had? (Not sure!)

2. Tony Batista

Weird, WEIRD batting stance. Lots of home runs, LOTS of strikeouts. Terrible OBP. But i liked him.

I always remember the clapping motion (congratulations?) he would give to himself when approaching home plate after a home run. I remember he had a terrible start to a season, the jays tried to send him to the minors, and the Orioles claimed him! I remember being quite annoyed with the jays for letting this happen. LOL

3. Marty Janzen

I remember the jays had SKY high hopes for him. We got him when we traded David Cone away in summer of 1995.

He never really panned out. And got claimed in the expansion draft by the Diamondbacks and never pitched in MLB again.

I have some obscure memory (or maybe i made this up myself?? LOL) of someone saying : Look at Janzen, those pitches are dancing! after striking out the side...

That's all i got for now. Like i said i LOVE this topic. I may post others later!

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