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AL East This Week: Yankees slide into first place

Boston has the same record, making this even more upsetting

MLB: Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

This week the Boston Red Sox were finally dethroned from first place. Okay, so they have the same record as the New York Yankees (26-12), but this is the first time this season we’ve seen Boston outside of the first place position in the standings.

New York Yankees (26-12)

The Yankees finished off their series against the Clevland with two wins, sweeping the series. Game two came down to a 5-2 win, while game three was a 7-4 victory. They moved on to play division rival, the Boston Red Sox, winning two of three games. Game one came with a 3-2 victory and game two a 9-6 one. The Red Sox took game three, not letting the Yankees get the sweep. It was 5-4 Boston.

Yesterday they kicked off a three-game series against the Oakland A’s. Oakland completely dominated the currently dominating New York Yankees with a 10-5 win. Pitcher and former Oakland A Sonny Gray struggled against his former club. They’ll hope for a comeback today at 1:05 EST.

Boston Red Sox (26-12)

After losing 11-5 to the Texas Rangers, the Red Sox bounced back and won the rest of the games in the series. Game two was a 5-1 win, game three 6-5, and game four 6-1. They came back to completely dominate the series. Their luck faded against the Yankees, only winning one game in a three-game series.

Now, they take on our Toronto Blue Jays. No need for me to recap this game for you, but I’ll just casually remind you the Jays got a lovely 5-3 win against a big rival. These two teams will meet again today at 4:07 EST.

Tampa Bay Rays (15-20)

Anyone else want to just ignore the Rays series against the Jays? Game one saw a 6-2 victory, while game two put the Rays up 2-0 in the series with a 5-3 victory. Game three was in the Jays favour, though, with a 2-1 victory.

The Rays would go on to play two games against the Atlanta Braves. Atlanta would take both of those games. Game one saw a 5-2 Tampa loss, game two a 1-0 loss. Now they’re facing fellow struggling AL East rival, the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles took game one 9-4. It’ll definitely be an interesting series to keep up with. This one continues today at 3:05 EST.

Baltimore Orioles (11-27)

The Orioles were swept in a 3-game series against the Oakland A’s. Oakland took the games 6-4, 2-0, and 2-1. Baltimore would go on to play the Kansas City Royals, who dominated them 15-7 in the opening game. The Orioles would bounce back with two wins. Game two ending 5-3, while game two saw an 11-6 Orioles win. What a high scoring series.

The Tampa Bay Rays are their current opponent. They beat them 9-4 in game one. Could this be Baltimore’s season turn around? I suppose we’ll find out, as this series continues today at 3:05 EST.

What games this week surprised you guys the most? Let us know in the comments below!