More obscure/not so good players...

A few others came to mind, that i'd thought i'd share about.

1. Eddie Zosky

Early 90's, there was talk this was our Shortstop of the future...i have a clear memory of him hitting a triple and his attempt for an ill advised inside the park home run try (I think Luis Rivera might have been the coach back then too!...)

He was out by 30 feet. I've tried to find video evidence of this, but sadly it lives only in my memory.

2. John Frascatore

Relief Pitcher in 1999-2001, came over in the Tony Batista deal.

I used to call this guy the vulture, because he would vulture wins. I think we swept a 3 game series in Texas, and John won all three games! He had a physical altercation with then pitching coach Dave Stewart..

He didn't last long after that. Tore a strip of the front office before hitting the road.

3. Willie Canate

For some reason i really liked this guy. Not that we really had much of career, he had ONE career home run...But i remember it being a walk off. JUST and i mean JUST over the left field fence for a 9th inning walk off.

Played in the Jays minor leagues for a few years...Didn't have any other MLB experience.

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