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Who is the most ‘meh’ Blue Jay ever?

Todd Stottlemyre
This guy. Did. My. Head. In

Meh: Expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm - Uninspiring; unexceptional.

Today I wanted to pose the question of who is the most ‘meh’ Blue Jay ever?

A player who was the very example of mediocrity – neither terrible nor great. Someone that rendered you borderline comatose when they played.

My choice is Todd Stottlemyre.

(I could have plumped for Frank Catalanotto, Corey Patterson or Pat Hentgen, but Ive stuck with Todd.)

He played for the Jays between 1988-94 and compiled a 69-70 record with an ERA of 4.39. His season record was as follows (look at how comepletely average it is!)

1988: 4-8 1989: 7-7 1990: 13-17 1991: 15-8 1992: 12-11 1993: 11-12 1994: 7-7

All of the above (except the semi decent anomaly of the 1991 season) screams mediocre at the highest volume. Like Foo Fighters type volume.

In his Blue Jays ‘career’ he threw 1139 innings with 1182 hits, 414 walks and just 662 Ks. He didn’t become much more than a league average starter, but since he could pitch 200 innings a season it helped him make a major league roster.

He threw a 92-93mph fastball, a slider and a curve. He rarely bothered to change speeds as he felt he could overpower batters. This was of course, patently untrue.

When he pitched in the 1993 Word Series he had a sky scraping ERA of 27.00. In Game 4 he went 2 innings, gave up 4 walks and 3 runs on 6 hits. He was lit up like a Christmas tree.

As if his pitching wasn’t bad enough, lets talk about his ‘baserunning’ in the same Game 4. Im sure you know exactly what im talking about. After getting on base with a walk he then attempted to slide into third base while attempting to reach third on a single by Roberto Alomar.

His hesitation between second and third base resulted in him being thrown/tagged out while sliding head-first into third base, and scraping his chin in the process.

If he hadn’t worn his silly jacket to keep warm, it wouldn’t have ballooned out and acted like a drag chute, slowing his lanky frame. Honestly, it drove me mad when I saw it and it still does.

If he had been a half decent pitcher, i would have forgiven him for that World Series moment but he wasn’t. He had 7 seasons with the Jays and his 1991 season was the only good one.

The rest of the time, he turned me into a comatose state every minute he played and flattered to deceive...everyone except opposing batters that is.

So, which player gets your vote for the most ‘meh’ Blue Jay ever, and why?