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Bluebird Banter endorses Luke Maile for All-Star Game

Deliver the Maile into the All-Star Game!

Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images


Luke Maile 2018 MLB All-Star Write-In Campaign Launched, Receives Endorsement from Bluebird Banter

Toronto, Ontario — Bluebird Banter is excited to announce the formation of the Blue Jays Nation—Bluebird Banter Bipartisan Committee for Better Back Catchers (BJNBBBBCBBC) and their full endorsement of Luke Maile as the starting American League catcher for the 2018 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

“I have been criss-crossing through the towns and cities of Ontario this spring, going into the homes of real, hardworking families,” BJNBBBBCBBC’s co-founder Minor Leaguer said from a local holding cell where he is fighting charges of breaking and entering. “And they all ask me whether Luke Maile is legit—right after ‘who are you and what are you doing in my house?’”

“So when I gave Blue Jays Nation’s Cam Lewis a call, I asked him for bail money and for him to work with us to form a campaign organization to get Lukey Barrels into the All-Star Game.”

Lewis agreed to one of those requests and thus BJNBBBBCBBC was formed.

Yesterday, BJNBBBBCBBC officially launched their first campaign video, priming voters for when the MLB All-Star Game ballot is released in the next few weeks. BJNBBBBCBBC hired the esteemed Cashew Mirman to create the campaign videos.

“We weren’t successful when we ran the Munenori Kawasaki campaign, but we feel that the joint effort with Bluebird Banter and Blue Jays Nation could put Luke Maile on top,” a spokesperson for Cashew Mirman stated.

Donations to the BJNBBBBCBBC are accepted and will be used to secure the release of Minor Leaguer.