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Monday bantering

Kids today, no respect...

Toronto Blue Jays v Philadelphia Phillies
Extra runs are just Grand-erson
Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

I like the community we have here at Bluebird Banter. Its fun, informative and largely respectful, even if have differing opinions (boy did I hear about when i mentioned who i thought was the most ‘meh’ Blue Jay ever.

However this respect clearly does not extend to Twitter where apparently, all Jays fans are complete jerks.

Talking of lack of respect: kids today...they don’t have any. Here is proof:

Talking of hurtful things, Phil Rizzo took a dislike to Ty Blach of the Giants and the 2B umpire. Not sure why but i guarantee you won’t Rizzo wont be on their Christmas card lists.

And if we ever needed more reason not to promote Vladimir Guerrero Jnr to the big leagues, this is it. A rookie phenom could get hurt!

I feel bad for Acuna and the Braves- clearly they cant have nice things either: (warning- painful things in this video)

And to end, a big tip of the cap to Jordan Romano who was promoted to AAA Sunday for the Bisons double header. He dealt against the Red Wings, tossing 5.0 innings in a commendable two-run outing. He allowed just two hits in the first four innings and four total hits, none of which were for extra-base.

He is the only pitcher in baseball with a 9-0 record.