How i started being a Blue Jays fan.

So, since this week's topic is how you started being a Blue Jays fan/Why are you here? :D

I'll start with the following.

My Grandfather. Loved watching Baseball, Loved watching the Blue Jays.

The first year i remember sort of watching/understanding it with him was 1990. I would have been 8. I've pretty much watched/followed every single game since then.

I remember being a kid, and jumping (legit) for joy when Joe Carter caught the final out in the 92 World Series. And jumping (again LEGIT) when Joe hit the home run to win 93 World Series.

I remember listening to the West Coast games on my radio, pretending to be asleep (games were on past my bedtime, whether my parents truly knew or not, i don't know.

I remember my Grandfather calling a Turner Ward home run...He seriously called it on the next pitch...And Turner slammed a ball JUST over the Centre field wall. I was in AWE...Fun memory.

I remember the seasons of the early-mid 90s...I fondly remember the 96 squad for some reason...They started the season against Oakland and for some reason i remember they played in Las Vegas! Only 7000k attendance and a god awful stadium, but they won 2 games. They hit home runs...And well after that first series they weren't very good.

Erik Hanson was the big free agent signing. It...didnt go well. LOL

I've watched the 2000's, Delgado is the best hitter I've seen this franchise ever have. Don't think it's close.

Saw Roy Halladay, in his prime. It was basically automatic win night when he pitched. That was my legit expectation. More often than not he delivered. Again...The best pitcher in my opinion the franchise has ever seen.

I am drawn to the statistics of Baseball...I remember collecting the cards, and looking at the stats. How did you calculate a batting AVG, how did you calculate an ERA? What exactly defines a SAVE?

I remember the cottage weeks in the summer. The jays on the radio. (Always in the background, but i always checked in on the score)...My cousins never cared, but i sure as heck did. My family/extended family all knew too. So the game was ALWAYS on.

I remember having a baseball almanac book for the 92 season. Where the pages fell apart i read it so much (Now i just go the baseball reference of information)

The Blue Jays have been a core part of my life for close to 28 years now. Player names, stats, win loss records etc..I know them all. (Well...OK, not ALL!)

Anyways, that's how i started. By watching the first games with my Grandfather. To this day...I don't know how he knew Turner Ward was going to hit that HR.

And it JUST got out. Just barely. :)

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