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BBB Baby Jays Top 40 Update

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the next update of the Bluebird Banter Top 40 list.

As an organization, the Baby Jays are playing .550 ball, led by New Hampshire at 31-18 & Lansing at 32-19. Buffalo has played well recently, while Dunedin continues to slog along, though they have received recent call ups in Yennsy Diaz and more recently Kevin Smith.

Offensively, we all know the monster season Vlad Jr. is having, but Danny Jansen continues to swing a strong bat. Kacy Clemens isn’t having quite the same success since he moved to Dunedin, but he seems to be figuring the level out. Lansing will need to figure out how to produce offense with their two biggest contributors now moved up to the FSL, perhaps they should continue running wild like they had been earlier. It’s also an opportunity for guys like Cullen Large & Ryan Noda to get in to the spotlight some more. Somehow Noda is putting up a 130 wRC+ while hitting .195, thanks to 49 walks and 7 times being hit by a pitch

On the pitching side, there has been a whole lot of movement this week. With extra games in New Hampshire & Buffalo and the Toronto express chugging along, a lot of pitchers were bounced around last week. Jordan Romano had the best results in his AAA debut, while SRF struggled in his. New to the list this week is Ty Tice, who had a lot of success at Lansing, and has continued as he moved up to Dunedin. Another player to keep an eye on in the upcoming weeks would be Justin Dillon, who had a strong debut at AAA after jumping from Dunedin, although he has moved to New Hampshire after his strong start.

As always, thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment and share thoughts or requests. The draft is flying up on us next week, which means Short Season ball is only 3 weeks away. Almost time for some of the guys in Extended Spring Training to get a shot in front of fans every day. Also, thanks to Tom for letting me put these up, though I do miss the FanPost version for tables, but I feel like that has been said before. Hopefully I didn’t screw it up

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