Favorite Blue Jays come back. 1992 Blue Jays vs Mariners

One of my favorites would have been (I think) May of 1992. Blue Jays vs Mariners as the old Kingdome.

I would have been 10 years old, and i think it was a Friday night....Was staying over at my best friends house. The game started at 10 PM, and we were allowed to stay up to watch it.

Basically sleeping bags on the living room floor, with snacks etc...Me and my best buddy just laughing at whatever...And getting slightly delirious from lack of sleep being up so late (for the age mind you.)

Jays fell behind at it looked like a loss. I think they entered the ninth down 5 to 2.

Then it happened. The 2 of us willed the come back into motion. I forget exactly who got on base...But i remember the pitcher was Mike Schooler (at least i think...hazy memory! lol) and he was the closer for Seattle.

We loaded the bases. And Mr. Dave Winfield came to plate. He hit a laser beam home run over the left field wall. And all of a sudden they were in front! 6 to 5!

My buddy and I cheered like crazy! (While attempting to keep our voices down, to not wake up his parents.)

I think it was Duane Ward who locked down the 9th. And the jays won.

Fantastic memory. I won't ever forget it. The magical season followed.

I've pretty much watched every single game since then.

Jays fan for life. That's my favorite come back. :D

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