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The Best Tweets from the Jays Series at the Red Sox

That series was awful but these tweets aren’t

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

I got away from doing these for a bit simply because I didn’t have the time, but they started last year when the season was bleak and I thought they would help to lighten the mood. We appear to be getting there again, so away we go.

Here is a comprehensive list of the Best Tweets from the Jays Series at Fenway Park:

On Russell Martin, left fielder:

On finding positives:

On defense, which hasn’t been good:

On starting pitching outside of Happ, which also hasn’t been good:

On suspicious behavior:

On baby steps:

On finding replacements for an injured Josh Donaldson:

On the emergence of ace pitcher, Sam Gaviglio:

and Gaviglio’s glove laces, which saved us:

On our continued appreciation for Tesocar Hernandez(‘s offense)

On the wrath of Russell Martin:

On letting out your emotions:

On bidding adieu to May:

On the future, which is bright:


On staying current with trends:

On getting roasted by your favorite MLB team: