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Blue Jays and Bisons Extend Player Development Contract

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The Blue Jays and Buffalo Bison have extended their Player Development Contract for the 2 more years.

Our Triple A team will be in Buffalo through the 2020 season. There wasn’t much doubt this would happen. Buffalo must be just waiting for the Jays to move Vladimir Guerrero Jr and Bo Bichette up to the Bisons. I’m sure that won’t hurt attendance.

And the Bisons have done a lot to make it easier and friendlier for Canadian fans to go see games in Buffalo. Letting us use Canadian dollars at par is pretty nice.

Buffalo works well for the Jays. It is close enough they can call players up to Toronto and have them get there very quickly. When the team was in Las Vegas it was much harder to get players up. And stats are more normalized than they tend to be in the PCL.

From the press release:

“Having a strong Major League parent club that is willing to support our efforts both on the field and off is extremely important to our overall success and the Toronto Blue Jays have been and continue to be a fantastic partner of ours since day one,” said Bisons Vice President/General Manager Mike Buczkowski. “We’re looking forward to continuing this relationship and bringing the excitement of both our clubs to the great baseball fans in Western New York, Southern Ontario and in Toronto.”

“We are very proud to extend our relationship with the Rich family and the Buffalo Bisons,” said Blue Jays Director of Player Development Gil Kim. “The first class treatment that our players receive in Buffalo is a testament to the leadership of Jon Dandes, Mike Buczkowski and the entire Bisons organization.” “The Bisons are instrumental in helping to create the optimal environments, both on and off the field, so that our players can maximize their potential en route to Toronto. We look forward to this relationship continuing for many years to come