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Friday Bantering: Pompey Up

MLB: Spring Training-Toronto Blue Jays at Detroit Tigers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Dalton Pompey is being called up to the Blue Jays today. Or at least Shi Davidi tells us so.

Dalton is hitting .244/.313/.366 with 5 steals, and 1 homer back in Buffalo in 10 games. Before that he was on a rehab assignment in Dunedin hitting .400/.471/.600 in 4 games.

I’m expecting that he’ll be in a platoon with Curtis Granderson. Dwight Smith Jr. had a good day yesterday, but being a LHB he doesn’t fit with Granderson.

I’m glad to see Dalton coming up. I hope he gets to stay for a while. Since he wasn’t down in Buffalo for 20 days (after the rehab time) he hasn’t burned an option yet this year.

There are more moves ahead today.

Ross Atkins told Shi Davidi that the Jays are in no rush to call up Vlad Guerrero Jr. Not a surprise, we knew that one. Even though he’s hitting .388/.452/.624 in New Hampshire, the team is going to watch his years of control.

“That’s just offence, right, when you say statistically,” the Blue Jays GM says in an interview. “There are so many more aspects of the game. And it’s only a month of performance above A-ball, as well. Look, man, we’re elated that he’s having this type of performance and it doesn’t look like this performance is going away, the way he’s doing it.

“Right now, we’re entirely focused on Vladdy as the best possible third baseman he could be, the best possible base-runner, of course offensive player, and teammate. And right now, we currently have a very good third baseman on our major-league team.”

I wouldn’t be against him coming up to be DH, but it isn’t going to happen in a hurry. Vlad just turned 19 back in March. Shi brings up Ronald Acuña, but he’s 20 now. As the season goes on who knows but Vlad isn’t coming up right away.

Jose Bautista wrote a Thank You letter to Blue Jays fans in the Player’s Tribune.

It is very nice, go read it.