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Around The Nest - Blue Jays Minor League Podcast - Week 8

We’re Calling it a Comeback!

Courtesy Jesse Goldberg-Strassler / Lansing Lugnuts

It was “Swipe Right Night” down in Lansing this Thursday so I hope that you’ll “swipe right” on this article about Around The Nest and give the podcast a listen some time this week! ATN is an unique podcast in baseball—we talk about the Blue Jays prospects with the people who see them play everyday! The broadcasters from Buffalo, New Hampshire, Dunedin, and Lansing call up host Jesse Goldberg-Strassler each Friday to give their take on the state of the franchise’s developing players.

Around The Nest goes live every Friday of the minor league season at 4 pm Eastern and the archived audio of each show can be downloaded here for later listening. You can also follow along on Twitter by following @AroundNest.

And today’s plot from Jesse:

It’s Rally Week on Around the Nest, discussing the best in come-from-behind drama and walkoff heroes! From Buffalo to New Hampshire to Dunedin to Lansing, what are the best comebacks we’ve seen this year? Plus Kevin Smith moves up, Sean Reid-Foley aces his 2nd start in Triple-A, Jordan Romano and Patrick Murphy are given the chance to impress, and Maximo Castillo maximizes his fastball in a 9-K gem. It’s another week of Jay-talking around the organization with the voices of each affiliate!

Do you have a burning question about a Blue Jays prospect or minor league game? Ask them down in the comments and we’ll try to get as many of them answered on the show as we can!