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FanPost Friday: Vladdy Jr. Will...

It can be anything, just complete the sentence

MLB: Spring Training-Toronto Blue Jays at Pittsburgh Pirates Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This one should be fun.

This weekend’s FanPost mission simply to complete this sentence, however many times you want to, and either elaborate on it, or come up with a whole bunch of answers. Just finish this:

“Vladimir Guerrero Jr. will...”

I’m sure at this point, you all know if who Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is. If not, I guess you have some researching to do. But he’s one of the most exciting prospects we’ve ever had, and since we can’t watch him every day in Toronto yet, then we can at least over-hype the crap out of him.

I hope this one takes off.

Last week’s topic was to tell us why you’re still here, despite the Jays’ struggles. Link Floyd took it a step back and let us know why he’s here, and what kept interested him through the real down years.

So go here, and let us know what “Vladimir Guerrero Jr. will...”