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Tonight’s Lineup: Still No Donaldson

Plus injury updates and more

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tom mentioned earlier that Gibbons said on the radio Josh Donaldson would be back tonight playing 3rd, but I guess something has happened between then and now because he’s not in the lineup. I’m fine with an overly cautious approach for him, and to be honest I don’t have a huge issue with them not putting him on the disabled list. If they had done it on Tuesday he wouldn’t be eligible to return until next Thursday and we wouldn’t have him at all for the two game Yankee series. Plus, who desperately needs his roster spot? Certainly not an 8th reliever at this time, and although you can maybe make an argument for Dwight Smith Jr, it doesn’t seem like enough of a benefit to outweigh losing him for that many games.

All to say, if they don’t think he will be ready for another week, then put him on the DL. But if he is still day to day, it doesn’t seem worth it.

A quote from Gibby on the roster move decisions:

We have some injury updates too:

It also sounds like Russell Martin is back to his two games on, one game off schedule.

This team is now looking more like the team of April instead of May. Let’s hope the results follow.