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The Official Bluebird Banter Glossary

All your favourite terms in one easy to find place

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MLB: Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals Peter G. Aiken

Whether you are a rookie or a long time veteran, we want everyone at BBB to feel welcome. Thus, we have derived an Official Bluebird Banter Glossary that will function as a resource page for all your favorite BBB terminology.

Additions can be made at any time, so please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

Frequently Used BBB Terminology

1B>1B: Endless debate over which marginal player should be starting. Originated with Justin Smoak and Chris Colabello. Maybe this one can be retired, I think it has been settled.

2013 Season: A fictitious season of Major League Baseball that Red Sox fans will swear existed, but Blue Jays fans know that the 2013 season ended at the beginning of Spring Training after the Blue Jays won the Offseason World Series.

AA: Former Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulous. Depending on who you ask, he is either the man who either brought playoff baseball back to Toronto or the man who drained the Jays’ minor league system. Or both.

Adam Lind’s Mom: The person with whom to consult if one feels like the Blue Jays’ training staff might be missing something. Originated here.

BanHammer: The tool any of our moderators use to keep this place under control. If you get hit with the BanHammer, you are gone.

Barnes Doors: Things that are shut during a good performance from reliever Danny Barnes.

#BBBAfterDark: The appropriate response to a comment that sounds like it’s meant for late night only.

Big and Strong: Physical attribute, according to Buck and Pat, shared by more than 80 per cent of all opposing batters, and rarely used for Jays batters. See also: soft hands, quick feet, ballplayer, plays the game the right way.

Bonifiasco: Error ridden play dedicated to former Jays infielder Emilio Bonifacio. Also known as Boneface, Bonerfacio, and The Futility Man.

BOTSO: “Brains Of The Sportsnet Operation”, referring to broadcast announcers Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler. Term coined by Matt W.

BSOHL: Abbreviation for “Best Shape of His Life.” The unwritten rule is at least one player must show up to Spring Training every year in the BSOHL. This can be the result of either gaining weight (muscle) or losing weight and often doesn’t result in any improvement in performance.

Buckgasm: The cries of frenzied joy emitted by Buck Martinez whenever a long fly ball is hit to the deep outfield. A true Buckgasm tails off rapidly with a choking sputter as the ball is easily caught on the warning track or in the outfield.

Cheese Doodles: The preferred currency of Bluebird Banter.

COTF: An abbreviation for “catcher of the future.” Formerly referred to excellent prospects who were doomed to languish in the minor leagues, but now refers primarily to Danny Jansen.

Derek Jeter: A former New York Yankee player Buck and Pat consider to be the greatest baseball player of all time. He is usually mentioned at least once per game, even if the Blue Jays are not presently playing the Yankees.

Dirty Rotten Cheaters: The Boston Red Sox. Originated from their admission of using Apple watches to steal signs in 2017.

Elle Est Partie: Rodger Brulotte’s (superior) French version of a home run call.

Evil Empire: The New York Yankees. See also: Sith.

FARTSLAM: Abbreviation for “fielder allows runner to score, like a moron”.

Farrell: A word used in place of a different four letter word that begins with F.

/fin: statement meant to discourage ongoing debate and discussion about whether Marco Estrada is the best. (He is).

Gibbygut: A lineup decision made by John Gibbons that is based on “feel”, or sometimes on the smallest of sample sizes (alternative spelling, #Gibbygut).

Go Jays Go!: Official start of every BBB Gamethread, with the next person seeing it posting it in a reply to continue the chain.

Got Heem!: A term used in glee when a Blue Jays pitcher strikes out a batter.

House of Horrors: Synonym for Tropicana Field.

Jobu: Pedro Cerrano’s good luck voodoo figure from the movie Major League.

Kevin Pillar Hat Trick: An achievement recorded when Kevin Pillar walks, hits a home run and makes an amazing catch in the same game. I guess this one is retired.

Meatball: Extra juicy pitch that usually gets hit hard and far.

OriLOLes: The Baltimore Orioles.

Polkaroo: Referring to any broadcaster (but mostly Jamie Campbell) who is always talked about but never seen or heard from by users. Derived from the TV character in the popular Canadian television series, Polka Dot Door.

Positive Outcomes: What we wish for when a Blue Jays batter steps up to the plate.

RoboUmps: The only solution for calling accurate strikes and balls.

Smoaked!: When Blue Jays first baseman Justin Smoak hits one out. See also: Smorked!

Spor, in The Shower: Somehow the 2015 Blue Jays OPSed 250-points higher whenever Bluebird Banter commenter Spor took a shower during a game.

TOOTBLAN: Abbreviation for “thrown out on the base paths like a nincompoop”.

Windmill Rivera: Energy saving, out creating apparatus standing close to third base. See also: Luis Rivera.


(Current Jays)

Aeroplan: Teoscar Hernandez

Axeman: John Axford

Boba Shett: Bo Bichette

DeVo: Devon Travis

Kenny G: Ken Giles

Lukie Barrels, MaileMan: Luke Maile

Sammy G: Sam Gaviglio

So Good: Eric Sogard

Tempura: Ryan Tepera. Can be extra crispy at times

Vladito, Son of Impaler, Vlady Jr, Vladdy Jr: Vladimir Guerrero Jr

YYZ: Nate Pearson


(Former Jays)

ACEstrada, CHiPs (derived from Erik Estrada’s role in the old TV show): Marco Estrada

Bringer of Rain, JD: Josh Donaldson

Grandyman: Curtis Granderson

Happster: JA Happ

Jedi, Joey Bats: Jose Bautista

Ks Mo, Molasses: Kendrys Morales

Lebleb: Jason Lebebijian Lebbelbigen Leblebijian

RFG: Ryan “Farrelling” Goins

Russell Nathan Coltrane Jeanson Martin Jr.: Russell Martin

Superman, MVPillar: Kevin Pillar

Popular Quotes

“It’s not a big deal, it’s just dead” – John Gibbons, March 29 2018, in reference to Josh Donaldson’s shoulder

“We like our team, Barry” - Josh Donaldson during an interview with Barry Davis

“What’re you going to do now, Buck?” - A heckler’s call out to manager Buck Showalter after Josh Donaldson hit a grand slam during a Blue Jays/Orioles game in April 2018. Audio here.

“It’s not a lie if we know the truth.” -- Former general manager J.P. Ricciardi on making up a story about a back injury when closer B.J. Ryan’s arm was shredded.

For baseball specific stats and abbreviations, check out FanGraphs

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