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Josh Donaldson rejoins Blue Jays

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Sportsnet, and virtually everyone, is reporting that Josh Donaldson ‘has flown back to Toronto from Dunedin to rejoin the Jays’.

I thought the plan was to have him play a rehab game or two, but I guess that plan has been scrapped. Gibby said that Josh would have to ‘run at full speed’ before they would let him play again. I guess he must have been able to do it.

No word on who will be leaving the roster to make room for Josh, but I’d guess it would be Gio Urshela. Course maybe they could drops someone from the bullpen.

I wouldn’t believe the report, if it wasn’t for Sportsnet reporting it. Since they are owned by the same people, I’m sure they know.

Josh is hitting .234/.333/.423 with 5 home runs in 36 games so far this year. If the Jays want to trade him before the deadline, he is going to have to start hitting more like he always has.