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FanPost Friday: Who else should we cheer for?

The Blue Jays aren’t done yet, but it’s a tough road ahead

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We’re here to cheer for the Blue Jays, and as much as we want to have hope, they only have a 1.9% percent chance of reaching the playoffs.

So today, I want to know who else I should start following a bit more earnestly.

Is it the Mariners, who have turned into the lovable losers of the MLB, but they have a good, fun team?

Is it the Orioles, because I should be excited to watch them plummet into the abyss of historical ineptitude, with perhaps the worst single season by any player possible?

Is it the Red Sox or Yankees because you want to be mocked and banned?

Is it whatever team Josh Donaldson ends up on?

Is it the Cubs, because Kris Bryant is so incredibly dreamy, with eyes that pierce into your soul and make you feel so relaxed and at ease and the rest of the young team that is no longer the annoying, defending champions.

Is it some other team that isn’t even really on my radar of someone I should be cheering for.

So go here, and convince me of which team I should start cheering for.