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Opinion time: What roster moves would you make when Pearce, Donaldson and Stroman return?

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

I have to apologize right off the top, I’m not going to be around much this week and not at all next weekend, Next weekend is my MS bike ride and I’ve got some work to do to get ready for it. Anyway....

We should be getting some players back from the DL over the next few days and I’m curious about what moves will be made on the roster and what will happen with the lineups when they return.

Steve Pearce, who had his second rehab game in Buffalo today. He was 2 for 2 with a walk today. I’m very curious about who will go be removed from the roster when he comes back and how we’ll get everyone’s bat in the lineup. I’ve really liked the outfield of Grichuk, Pillar and Hernandez, They have been excellent defensively, Grichuk’s two home runs Sunday were great, but his defense has really helped keep the team in games. Hernandez seems to have gotten his bat going again and he’s looked much better in the outfield. And Pillar, well he’s not hitting, but he doesn’t carry his offensive troubles into the outfield. I’d be ok with shopping Pillar, but it isn’t going to happen before Pearce comes back.

Carrying Pearce, Morales and Granderson all to DH is a waste. I think Granderson is a trade deadline candidate, but I doubt we get much back for him. Morales was a DFA candidate a bit ago, but he’s hitting now. 2 for 5 Sunday. .316/.333/.500 for the two weeks before that. I don’t see any team wanting to make a trade for him now, but if he continues to hit like this, you never know.

Josh Donaldson might be back soon, or we might end of waiting for another month for him to be able to ‘sprint’. Making space for him on the active roster won’t be hard, Gio Urshela can easily be dumped.

The question about Donaldson’s return is how we get enough playing time for everyone? Yangervis Solarte has been getting most of the playing time at third in Josh’s absence and he leads the team in home runs. He’s a streak hitter, looks terrible when he’s cold, terrific when he’s hot. He could play second but Devon Travis has been looking good of late. I don’t think you want him sitting much.

Solarte could play some short, but his defense is pretty lacking at the spot. I’m ok with him out there when we have a fly ball pitcher on the mound, but I’ve liked Aldemys Diaz’s defense. He’s not hitting much, but we’ve looked so much better on defense with him at short.

I think it will be tough for Gibby to find at bats for everyone.

Marcus Stroman will make his second rehab start tomorrow. All going well he should be activated after that, since he went 4.1 in his first rehab starts.

It will be interesting to see what moves the Jays do to make space for him. I think what I would do is send Joe Biagini down, and move Sam Gaviglio into the long man role. I guess it is possible they will move Jaime Garcia out of the rotation, but I think Gaviglio is the more likely one.

The other thing they might do is send Gaviglio to Buffalo to keep him stretched out for a call up if a starter is injured or if a starter is traded. That might be the most likely move.

Anyway, give us your ideas on what will happen with players coming back from the DL.

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